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Tips and Application Download

Before you begin completing your application, please follow these very helpful tips:

  • Please give yourself plenty of time to complete the application.  The time to complete your application can be measured in weeks, not days.  You must gather information from various sources, which always takes longer than students anticipate.

  • You will be applying for a long-term exchange.  At this time, we do not sponsor short-term exchanges.  There are two download links below:

    • The readme is a document that provides information on completing the Long Term (LT) application.  Towards the bottom of the ReadMe document contains links to segments of the application, which you may find helpful but will require you to merge them back into your application.

    • The second is our official LT application, prefilled with our district and YEO information.  Please DO NOT use any other unofficial applications.

  • Collaborate with your local club counselor in completing the application.   If your club or you have any questions, you can send those to or contact your outbound coordinator, as noted on our Contact Us page.

  • Complete the document electronically as possible.  You cannot perform some aspects electronically, e.g., physical evaluations and transcripts.  However, you can scan these documents with a scanner (phone camera images are not recommended) and merge them into your electronic version.  If you cannot integrate these images into your application, we can help you merge the scanned items sent to us, e.g., recommendation letters and emails.

  • Ensure that the signatures and information required are completed in their appropriate sections. We have seen numerous instances where people sign in the wrong places, and then you have to redo the page.  In particular, pages 13, 16, 17 and 18.

  • Please ensure you save a final electronic version for your records.  Please send one paper copy to Rotary District 6000 YEO (Contact Us for the address) and submit your electronic versions and all associated documentation to

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