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Travel Permission Form

District 6000 Rotary Youth Exchange Program Student Travel Permission  



There are strict rules governing Rotary Youth Exchange student travel based on student safety and emergency notification.  The U.S.A. Department of State (DOS) requires that an exchange student must be reachable upon their demand.  Therefore for all travel, a Rotary Exchange student: 


1. Must have on file a completed and signed Natural Parents Permission Form with Rotary District 6000 to cover their permission for student travel per our rules for the duration of the exchange. This should have been completed as part of the student application and onboarding process.


2. Does not need to complete this form for same‐day travel (not overnight) within or outside the State of Iowa with prior permission from the host parents.  Please forward via e-mail the host parent's permission e-mail to the local club's counselor(s) and district inbound coordinator(s).


3. Does not need to complete this form for overnight travel within the State of Iowa when the student has obtained prior permission from the Host Parents and Rotary Host Club.  Please forward via email the host parent's permission and the Rotary Host Club's permission to the district inbound coordinator(s).


4. Is permitted to travel overnight outside the State of Iowa only if this Travel Permission Form on this page is completed, electronically signed by a Host Parent, and submitted to the District Youth Exchange Chair for their approval, before travel.  Note:  Permission is not guaranteed just because this form is submitted. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for approvals. 


Permission is hereby requested to travel overnight outside the State of Iowa. 

Thank you for submitting your travel form.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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