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Inbound Students


While you have already completed the first part of your exchange journey by applying through your home country Rotary Club and District and have been accepted in Rotary District 6000, there are several steps to complete before you can apply for your visa.


Please read each section carefully, download the required documents and complete each. Completed forms should be returned in PDF format to the Inbound Coordinator at the email address provided and by the requested deadline(s). Be sure to name your PDF with the file name and your name, for example: 

IB1 - Joe Smith or Inbound Student Contract - Jane Smith. 

Items that are required before we may start your visa request process include: 

1. IB8 English Language Proficiency

2. Rotary District 6000 Inbound Student Contract

3. Medical Release Form

4. Data Consent (for European Union students)

5. Purchasing Insurance for Your Exchange


Please add your Name, Home Country and Sponsor District number to the top of the form (your sponsor district is listed on the top page of your own application that you sent if you need to find the number). 


You then need to take this form to your school and ask them to complete OPTION 1 on the form. It is best if this form is completed by either your English language instructor or the head of your school.


Both natural parents and the student must review and sign this form. You will be provided more detail about the do and do nots of exchange through both your home country Rotary contacts, in your official welcome packet and by our District 6000 representatives after you arrive. This form simply covers many of the important points that you will need to understand and agree to in order to have a successful exchange. 


The language in the Rotary Application Form is not HIPAA* compliant because it only authorizes Rotary to make decisions about medical treatment, but does not authorize doctors to share medical information that Rotary may be need to make treatment decisions. 


Please note that this form may be completed by your Parent/Guardian in one of two ways and your Parent/Guardian may choose whichever of the two options is easier for them to complete:


1. One Parent/Guardian must sign the form in front of two witnesses (who also sign the form). These witnesses may be family members, neighbors or colleagues who know your Parent/Guardian. 



2. One Parent/Guardian must sign the form in front of a Notary Public, Judicial Officer or Public Official who must also sign the form. 

*Information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) act may be found on the US Health and Human Services website here:


As you are likely aware, EU residents must give your consent for others to have access to your personal data. While your application covered this generally, our South Central Rotary Youth Exchange network requires that you are fully informed of our privacy policy and that we freely have your consent to collect, process, use and disclose your information in accordance with the policy. View the policy here:


EU Students and their Parents/Guardians must complete the consent form.


All students on exchange in District 6000 must purchase a South Central Rotary Youth Exchange (SCRYE) approved insurance plan. This is required by the youth exchange program that governs our district before the DS2019 Visa process can begin. 


The insurance approved by SCRYE is CISI Buldoc Insurance. You can find information about the Rotary approved insurance in different languages here: Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Bolduc


You must choose either Plan A or Plan B. Both plans cover sports activities in which you may participate while attending school in the United States. It is up to you and your parents to select which of these plans you prefer. You can select your plan and purchase insurance at this link: 



As you complete the form, you should:

Enter an Exchange Start Date of August 1 of this year 

Select the plan term of 4 Months and Beyond, But Less Than 365 Days

This will ensure you are covered for the duration of your exchange. 


Save an electronic PDF copy of the insurance card that is provided and name the file with the document name and your own name and send to the Inbound Coordinator.


All required documents must be completed and returned to the Inbound Coordinator AND you must have purchased the required insurance prior to applying for your visa. 


Once forms are completed, our RYE team will complete your Guarantee Form, allowing the request of a DS2019 at which time you may request an appointment for a visa.


We will contact you individually to work through this process.


Please be aware immunization requirements for attending school may differ in Iowa, USA. We strongly recommend you and your family doctor compare your current immunizations to those required by the State of Iowa for school attendance. Required vaccinations can be found in the link below. View the requirements for ELEMENTARY OR SECONDARY SCHOOL (K-12)


Be sure you receive any missing immunizations by July 31 and provide an updated copy of all immunizations to the Inbound Coordinator. If you arrive in Iowa without the necessary immunizations, you will be required to receive them from a medical professional. Do NOT wait until you arrive - you will be responsible for paying for a medical professional visit plus the cost of vaccinations and this is likely to delay your ability to attend classes. 



An optional bus tour is available to students who wish to participate. The tour lasts four weeks and costs  approximately $4,500+ (see web site, link below, for details). The tour starts in June and lasts approximately 4 weeks. Students who wish to participate in the tour should plan ahead to secure funding. Please note this is the only tour approved by Rotary District 6000. Learn more about the USA Tour at: USA Tour (


Contact the Inbound Coordinator at the email provided with any questions you may have about the forms or process. We look forward to welcoming you to Iowa in August! 


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