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Application Process

Start Your Journey Today

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange student!  This will be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.  To begin, it's important to recognize the application process involves multiple steps, e.g., interviews, tra host country visa applications, that need to be completed as instructed.  Your application process is no exception. We have many decades of experience in refining our program and please know there are no shortcuts! Your first step begins with reviewing some information about Rotary Youth Exchange. Don't worry if you have questions - our team is here to help!

Once you have learned a little about Rotary Youth Exchange, please complete the Interest Form so we know how to follow up with you and we can learn more about you.

Once the interest form has been completed, please get in touch with your local Rotary club and inform them of your interest.  If you have difficulty finding a local club, don't hesitate to contact our Rotary Youth Exchange Team.  Your local club may schedule interviews for club sponsorship and will assign you a local counselor. 

Now that you have learned about Rotary Youth Exchange completed the interest form, and contacted your club, you can begin completing your application. Please know that completing this form accurately is essential.  Your application also requires medical and dental approvals, letters from you and your parents, photos, references, and transcripts - so please plan for several weeks to complete at a minimum.

Your application requires a reference on page 19.  Please have the person you are using as a reference go to this link or from the menu, use our Quick Forms menu and select "Outbound Reference Form."

After you download, complete and submit your application, it will be reviewed and one or more interviews will be scheduled and if you are accepted, you will begin your training process!

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