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Host Families

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Host Family for Rotary Youth Exchange.  Exchanges are only possible with our worldwide collection of Rotarians, individuals and families who volunteer.  It is a very rewarding and rich cultural experience to help build better friendships and peace.  Rotary Youth Exchange families are ambassadors for our program and our communities. Host families offer RYE students the opportunity to become a member of your household and broaden both their and your worldview. Please take a moment to read our Host Family informational brochure at the link below. 

If you are ready to take the next step and become a Rotary Youth Exchange Host Family, please review the following information on requirements and steps to hosting. 

Like most other organizations, one will encounter several Rotary Youth Exchange terms and nomenclature. Below is a link to our FAQ for a quick introduction to the common terms used throughout the process.


  • Host the student for:

    • A partial year with time evenly split with 1 or 2 other families or host for the entire school year.

  • Provide room and board for the student and a dedicated study space (desk, kitchen table).

  • Provide the student with his or her own bed and storage space. Students may share a room with a same-gender host sibling as long as they have their own accommodation and space.

  • Must live within the local school district.

  • Commit to actively integrating the student into the host family, the school and community.

  • Be able to provide for the basic needs of an added member of the household.

  • Be willing to attend and participate in orientation and training sessions with Rotarian volunteers and some Rotary activities.



  • Complete an HF1 Host Family Application and provide details for adult (18+) household members.​

  • Participate in an HF2 Host Family In Home Interview & Inspection conducted by the Rotary Club's Local Coordinator after you complete your application.

  • Participate in an HF4 Host Family Orientation conducted by the Rotary Club's Local Coordinator prior to student arrival.

  • Participate in a half day, in person Rotary Youth Exchange session in September (generally in Ankeny) or January (generally in Newton), depending on when the student is in your care. 


Your local Rotary club and district will provide support to you during your hosting experience.
Support includes:

  • Local supervision by members of the local hosting Rotary club including a minimum of monthly family and student check ins.

  • Training from local and district Rotary volunteers to help with meeting the needs of the family and the student.

  • Financial support directly to the student in the form of a monthly stipend provided by the local Rotary club for basic expenses, typically $100 USD.


  • Contact your local Rotary Club representative or use our Contact form on this site and a representative will follow up with you. 

  • After acceptance by your local Rotary Club, complete the HF1 Host Family Application. Download the form via the link below to your local computer, complete electronically and submit to the Rotary Club Youth Exchange Officer and Local Coordinator along with details on adults (18+) in your household. 

    • Provide full names, individual email addresses plus phone numbers and dates of birth for each adult (18+) living in the household full-time.

    • Adults (18+) will be granted access to our online database (RYEDS) to complete a V1 Volunteer Application so appropriate background and reference checks may be completed.


Host Parents and other adults 18+ in the host home (living in the home full time or visiting for extended periods of time during the time the student will be hosted) will be granted access to our RYEDS database so they may self-complete a V1 Volunteer Application securely online. Adults, whether Rotarians or host family volunteers with individual contact, are required to complete the application and undergo vetting. 

Our Inbound Coordinator volunteers will set up your temporary log in credentials with the personal information you provide (full legal name, individual email address plus phone number and date of birth). Instructions for completion of the V1 Volunteer Application can be found at the link below. 

Contact your local Rotary Club for additional information. 

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